We make special blend hard cold and nitro brews in Melbourne, the coffee capital of Australia.

Spruce hard cold brew begins with the batch roasting of South American coffee beans in Melbourne. Then it is cold brewed for 24 hours to bring out the natural sweetness of the coffee. Finally, it is infused with Australian vodka.

Spruce has coffee flavour notes of milky chocolate, cashew, honey and sweet spice. It has a smooth, creamy mouth feel and is incredibly refreshing.

Spruce has no sugar and is low calorie (just 78 calories per can). It is vegan, gluten fee and has 0.8 standard drinks per can.

Unique to the cold brew process is the heightened natural caffeine – perfect for sprucing up!


  • Brings out the natural sweetness and flavour of the beans
  • 70% less acidity
  • Milky chocolate cashew sweet spice and honey flavour

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Nitro Charged

Infused with nitrogen to create a smoother, creamier cold brew

  • Step 1: Shake can for 3 seconds
  • Step 2: Open can slowly to avoid splashback
  • Step 3: Pour into a glass and watch the crema appear

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250ml Can

4% Alcohol

0.8 STD Drinks

It’s time to spruce up. The combination of quality cold brew, caffeine and vodka makes it the easiest way to spruce things up before heading out!

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